This is a collection of additional projects I’ve worked on. They range from smaller- to larger-scale, both client and personal work.

The Kidnapping of Skylar F*cking Spears

A friend of mine asked me to help with some of the art direction for her short film. This was a really fun passion project that was shot over the course of a few weekends. I was in charge of the production design on set, as well as development of the logo and key art used to promote the film. Not to mention, my portrayal of “Uber Driver” is definitely an Oscar-worthy performance.


Short Film


Behind the Scenes

La-Z-Boy Rebrand

Out with the old, in with Kristen Bell. La-Z-Boy came to us needing a creative refresh. With a brand new spokesperson and strategic direction, the team developed a fully integrated campaign including broadcast, social, digital, and point-of-sale displays. I was a part of the team that pitched some evergreen social content, like these snackable videos.



Leading up to the season three premiere of Fargo on FX, we teased the new characters with some intriguing posts on social media. This installment of the dark comedy series is all about secrets and ulterior motives. So, we designed a photoshoot that featured the show’s main characters obstructed by important objects or symbols from the storyline. This concept was part of a larger pitch that helped RPA win the Fargo social business.


Movember Calendar

Every year, RPA gets really into the Movember Agency Challenge. This year, we were in charge of creating a campaign to help RPA win the challenge and, of course, raise funds to support men’s health in the process. We concepted and produced a calendar, highlighting the awesome mustaches our agency’s men grew throughout the month of November. We rocked the ‘stache by recreating looks from some of the greatest artistic legends of our time. Can you spot all the references?


International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women's Day, we created this interactive video for RPA’s Instagram Story. When users pressed and held down on their phone screens, the video paused, suggesting a simple action that could be taken to help fight for gender equality. This was a great way to tie into the overarching International Women’s Day 2018 theme, #PressForProgress.



We created a simple, yet poignant, video message to post on RPA’s Twitter for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. RPA looks to MLK as an inspiration and prime example of always putting “People First,” the agency’s motto. AdAge awarded the post “Tweet of the Week.”