Fit For Fun

Social Media Campaign | Vehicle Launch

The redesigned 2018 Honda Fit may seem small, but it can pack a punch. We created a social campaign to show off the utility of this vehicle in a fun and surprising new way.


  • 2018 LA Gold ADDY Award Winner - Social Media Campaign

  • 2018 ThinkLA IDEA Awards Winner - Best Video Campaign



Packing Up Emojis

We utilized some visual trickery in these videos to get users’ attention. The ads ran between Snapchat and Instagram Stories, playing with the stickers and emojis people already use on the platforms. We created different versions to target different interest segments.


The Honda Fit can fit almost anything—even the Fit itself. These videos ran across social, designed specifically for platforms that automatically loop.


Surprisingly Fun Poems

These poems let users interact with our ads in a unique way, specific to the Instagram Story platform. Users could tap forward through the poem for a not-so-uplifting message. However, when users reached the end of the Instagram Story, they were prompted to tap back through the poem backwards for a more fun perspective, just like the Honda Fit. Our photoshoot was centered around the Internet’s fascination with things fitting perfectly in other things. In the words of our ACD, Romeo Cervas, "you win the award for most complex, fun and irreverent asset shoot RPA has ever done." Click through below to try out the poems for yourself.

Behind the Scenes